Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WW 13/11/2013 : Firsts

1. First bicyle, 1981. I was about 2yrs old then. Didn't remember much, except that I like it very much.

Little me with my little bike.
2. First 'Racing' bicycle, 1992. I was in Form One. The bike was used as a transport to sports practise, afternoon classes and brass-band training. Also to nearby waterfalls with friends. :)

teen-age me with steel-frame 'racing' bike(before modifications)

Bicycles and Rock & Roll music.

Good ol' times. :)


3. First Full-suspension Mountain bike, 2010. Broke the frame ,repaired and restored on the same year :)

Riding offroad trails with MET riders, 2010.

4. First hard-tailed mountainbike, my red-and-white coloured Raleigh Enduro, 2010. 

Me with Raleigh Enduro on my very first Jamboree event, Jeliride 2011(link)

What's your firsts? :)

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